What is MenVital?

MenVital has two products: capsules and shoots.

Menvital is a product that ensures that every man gets extra energy and can therefore perform better and longer in bed.
Both products have basically the same ingredients; all collected in a capsule or in a shoot by a sophisticated extraction process.

The shoot is provided with preservative so that the product remains good for at least 1 year. The shoot also contains cherry juice so that it has a delicious taste.
The capsules are easy to carry. The shoot, on the other hand, is of course slightly larger but has the advantage that it is absorbed into the blood more quickly (because it is liquid).

Both products are provided with a Nut number by the Belgian government and by a Free Sales Certificta so that they can be sold in Europe.

Feel free to try it out. MenVital also supplies a trial pack of 2 capsules and 2 shoots. for a special introductory price.

Unsatisfied? Let us know and we will solve it properly.

Please note that the product works best on a not too full stomach.